What is the most non-breakable material for a dinnerware set?

Dinnerware sets are made of different kinds of materials. If you want to buy good durable dinnerware you should do it by category of dinnerware material. The material you choose for your dinnerware is very important. Certain occasions require certain dinnerware qualities. Formal occasions call for dinnerware made of china or porcelain while everyday use earthenware and stoneware tend be more economic alternatives.

Most dinnerware is made of one of several materials. The most expensive and highest in quality is porcelain. Other expensive qualities include china, bone china, EAPG, and Depression glass. You will find other materials used as well in the making of dinnerware including glass, stoneware, pottery, earthenware, plastic, Melamine and ironstone. But the difference lies in Quality, price and elegance.

Dinnerware By durable Material

Bone china is a form of porcelain made of quartz, kaolin clay and bone ash. It is usually white and very translucent. It has a very delicate appearance but is surprisingly strong. Bone china dinnerware includes the use of highly refined clay and bone ash in its production.

Bone china offers advantages over porcelain including being whiter in color, lighter in weight, and less brittle. A wider range of colors can also be used in its decoration.

Porcelain contains the same materials as bone china but without the bone ash. This makes it less translucent than bone china. It is strong and chip-resistant, with a more delicate feel than stoneware. It is made of fired quartz and kaolin clay that is strong and chip-resistant and is easily molded into delicate forms. Porcelain dinnerware is made from very high quality clay and is vitreous, nonporous, and in most cases translucent.

There are two types of porcelain, soft paste and hard paste. Soft paste porcelain combines white clay and ground glass and is fired at a lower temperature than hard paste porcelain. Hard paste porcelain is made from china stone and kaolin, and is fired at higher temperatures. Stoneware is a nonporous fired clay material with added ground stone that is stronger than earthenware and versatile enough to use in the microwave, dishwasher or oven. Stoneware is very hard and dense, and stoneware dinnerware sets, in undecorated form, vary in color from brown to blue-gray. Stoneware is fired at very high temperatures and has a somewhat vitrified body that is water-resistant and more durable than pottery.


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